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Considering the continues growth of the international transport traffic and the arising need of interoperability of tolling services on the entire European Union road network, the European Commission of transport and mobility has defined, in the context of the Directive 2004/52/EC and the related Commission Decision 2009/750/EC, the conditions of a European Electronic Toll Service (hereafter EETS) as well as the three main stakeholder's roles:

  • Toll Chargers in charge of collecting tolls as taxes or concession fees or duties
  • Service Users which are using tolled infrastructures and liable for tolls
  • EETS Providers which are ensuring interoperability to pay tolls within the European network, by providing a single On-Board Equipment and a single contract to the user.

Toll Chargers and Service Users roles already exist and have their own representations (ASECAP, IRU) with regard to the European Commission. The role of EETS Providers is new and therefore parties interested in providing that role in the future will need to found their own representation group.

This resulted in 9 European companies, specialized in the payment of tolling (card and OBU issuing) & fuelling in the European region (the founding members), acting on the idea of creating, as potential EETS Providers, a non-profit-making Association with the goal of representing its members as a stakeholder group with regard to the definition of the EETS Provider role as stipulated within the EU legal framework: AETIS - Association of Electronic Toll and Interoperable Services.


Great dynamic at first AETIS EU lunch-debate, co-hosted by EP EETS rapporteur Salini MEP!

24.04.2018 | AETIS, together with Mr. Salini MEP, the rapporteur on the EC proposal for a new EETS Directive, hosted a lunch-debate on the future of the European electronic toll framework in the European Parliament premises on 24 April 2018. The aim of that even ...



Telepass registered as an European Eletronic Toll Service Provider

| On the 23rd of March 2016 Telepass has successfully been registered as an European Eletronic Toll Service Provider by the Italian Ministry of Infrastracture & Transportation. ...



Belgium toll domain statements

| On Feb 27th the toll domain statements of all 3 regions in Belgium have been published (available for consulation here). ...




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