19 October 2021, a commencement day for EETS

19 October marks the official deadline to transpose the EETS Directive 2019/520 into national laws. Although this is the end of a process, it is also a beginning, the first day for finalizing the deployment of EETS in all Europe and for operating under the new Directive.

This milestone provides the opportunity to take stock and reflect about the progresses and remaining challenges EETS faces across Europe.

AETIS members, and all EETS Providers, may be proud that thanks to their relentless efforts and substantial investments with the Toll Chargers, EETS covers now a number of European countries (France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, etc) enabling road users (i.e. transport companies) to easily pay tolls and cross borders with “only one subscription contract with one service provider and a single on-board unit (OBU)”, as envisaged by the European Commission. In these countries, EETS has not only facilitated daily operations for transport companies and drivers but also improved traffic flow and reduced congestion, in line with the EU Green Deal objective.

AETIS calls on the European Commission, the Member States’ authorities which are not yet compliant with EETS, and its business partners to further intensify their efforts in the coming months to secure a stable, fair and non-discriminatory business and regulatory environment supporting the swift deployment of EETS across all Europe.

AETIS members have been doing their utmost, and pledges to continue to do so, to support the EETS processes at national level across Europe.

Welcome to AETIS

AETIS – the Association of Electronic Toll and Interoperable Service – was founded as a non-profit making association by nine European companies specialized in the payment of tolling (card and OBU issuing) and fuelling in the European region. Its main goal is to represent the interests of its members as regards the definition, rights and obligations of the EETS Providers and national toll service providers offering EETS services as outlined within Directive 2004/52/EC, Decision 2009/750/EC and any further EU legislation. AETIS now gathers 16 members.

Considering the continued growth of the international transport traffic and the arising need of interoperability of tolling services on the entire European Union road network, the European Commission has defined the conditions of a European Electronic Toll Service as well as the three main stakeholders’ roles:

  • Toll Chargers in charge of collecting tolls as taxes or concession fees or duties;
  • Service Users who are using tolled infrastructures and liable for tolls;
  • EETS Providers who are ensuring interoperability to pay tolls within the European network, by providing a single On-Board Equipment and a single contract to the User.

When the European Commission published its proposal, the Toll Chargers and Service Users roles already existed and had their own representations (ASECAP, IRU) vis-à-vis the EU institutions. The role of EETS Provider was new and therefore parties interested in providing that role decided to found their own representation group: AETIS.

AETIS contributes to the development of the EU EETS framework and promotes initiatives and decisions aimed at implementing this framework in the EU Member States. In that context, the Association and its members:

  • exchange expertise and know-how;
  • participate in the European Commission actions
  • dialogue with the European institutions (e.g. European Parliament and Council) and the Member States;
  • interact with other stakeholder representatives (ASECAP, IRU, etc.);
  • define the EETS contractual framework;
  • review and follow up the EETS Directive Application Guide;
  • support all legal actions and lobbying in scope of such activities;
  • set up and follow up the EETS organization;
  • review and contribute to the definition of norms, interface and any technical issue related to EETS;
  • follow-up the national application of Directive 2004/52/EC, Decision 2009/750/EC, Directive (EU) 2019/520, the related Implementing and Delegated Regulations, as well as any related legislation.

AETIS participates in the EETS Facilitation Platform and is a member of the European Commission expert group on electronic tolls.

The work of the Association is strictly in line with anti-competition rules, discussions or exchanges of (commercially) sensitive information amongst AETIS members are explicitly excluded.


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