Mission statement

AETIS was founded as a non-profit making association with, as their main goal, to represent its members as a stakeholder group with regard to the definition of the EETS Provider role as provided for within the Directive 2004/52/EC and the EU Decision 2009/750/EC and any further EU registration.

Our mission statement is to promote and to represent our members’ interest in respect to the EETS provider role as well as to examine, encourage initiatives, decisions and implementations in the field of EETS provision, which can be useful to the members of AETIS.

The principal role of our association is the follow-up of the implementation of Decision 2009/750/EC in the following areas:

  1. exchange expertise & know-how between the members of AETIS and EETS
  2. participate in EU Commission actions
  3. interact with other stakeholder representatives (ASECAP, IRU, etc.)
  4. define the EETS contractual framework
  5. review and follow up of the EETS Directive Application Guide
  6. support all legal actions and lobbying in scope of such activities
  7. set up and follow up the EETS organization
  8. review and contribute to the definition of norms, interface and any technical issue related to EETS
  9. follow-up of the national application of the Directive 2004/52/EC and the Decision 2009/750/EC
  10. the work of the Association is strictly in line with anti-competition rules, discussion or exchange of (commercially) sensitive information among AETIS members is explicitly excluded

As a member of the only European Association of Electronic Toll and Interoperable Services:

  • You have a fast direct access to all important information and documents relating to EETS
  • You get the possibility to enjoy exciting EETS-Projects
  • You have the chance to coordinate your members’ interest on a European level.

Are you interested in joining us?

In that case, please complete the Application Form available in the Download Area and send the original document with you signature back to our office in Brussels.  We will give you our feedback as soon as possible.

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