Member rules

The members of AETIS are:

  • either companies (before EETS implementation in all EU toll domains) providing ETC service, payment or service card issuing. 
  • or companies issuing, distributing or rendering an interoperable electronic toll collection service according to the Directive 2004/52/EC only in competitive ETC markets.

In both cases the AETIS-Members cannot

  • be operating toll systems nor be in a toll charger role (according to the definition given in the Decision 2009/750/EC), nor can they be affiliates of toll chargers unless they have acceptance agreements for their services or equipment (cards, on board devices, payment services) in more than one European country.

Members of the Association commit to be, or intending to be, or are registered as an EETS provider according to the Decision 2009/750/EC. They shall demonstrate their interest in the activities of the Association and accept to comply with the statutes of the Association and its internal rules.

AETIS-members shall personally contribute in good faith to the proper operation of the Association and to the achievement of its goals. They believe in the positive market effect of a free loyal, and non-discriminatory competition between all economic actors, independently from the nature of their shareholding or structure.

AETIS-members undertake and ensure that no potentially sensitive information is exchanged between the Association and the members and between the members through the Association activities. Potentially sensitive information includes in particular information on prices, discounts, credit terms, margins, costs, production or sales volumes, market shares, strategies and business plans, demand estimates, details of customers.

AETIS-members commit themselves to fully comply with National and European competition laws.

A common goal of the Members is that after EETS is established on European territory, members of the Association get registered as EETS provider in compliance with the Decision 2009/750/EC.

The members confirm their intention by initializing and signing the statutes and the internal rules. 


Resignation, suspension and exclusion of members shall comply with the following:

Resignation: any member is free to resign from the Association at any moment. The member has to inform the administration board in writing regarding their resignation.

Exclusion: the general assembly decides by qualified majority of two third of the members present or represented, on the exclusion of a member upon proposal of the administration board after such member does not comply with the internal rules or the statutes of the Association or does not respect of the timeline allowed to remedy to a suspension.

Suspension: a member may be suspended upon decision of the General Assembly if he no longer fulfils the criteria defined in article 8 for being a member of the Association. The potentially suspended member cannot take part of the vote about its suspension. The Board of Directors notifies the member involved by registered mail of their suspension, apprises them of the motivation of the Board and allows for a reasonable delay, no shorter than 6 month, to remedy the reason of its suspension. The suspension is lifted by the Board of Directors or by the General Assembly after checking the compliance with the criteria set to be a member of the Association. A suspended member cannot participate in the decisions of the Association. Its right to vote in both the General Assembly and the Board of Directors is rescinded for the duration of the suspension. This decision is irrevocable and does not need any reasoning.

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